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About me

Early Passion for Art:

At the age of 12, a pivotal moment occurred when I received my first oil painting kit. This marked the beginning of my artistic journey, and the excitement of school painting classes further fueled my passion for the craft. The foundation for a lifelong commitment to art education was laid during these formative years.

Artistic Exploration in India:

During a five-year period in India, I delved into the exploration of color combinations, discovering and refining my own unique interpretation. This phase of artistic experimentation contributed to the evolution of my style and approach to painting.

Inspiration from the South of France:

The picturesque landscapes of the south of France became a significant source of inspiration for my artistic expression. This period was characterized by a focus on capturing the beauty and essence of natural scenery through my artwork.

Phases in Germany:

My time in Germany unfolded in distinct phases. Initially, I dedicated myself to painting oil still lifes, honing my technical skills. The second phase introduced a transformative encounter with the esteemed French artist “Remy Trevisan.” Under his guidance, I embraced the joy of abstract paintings, expanding my artistic horizons and embracing new forms of expression.

Exhibitions and Recognition:

The journey was punctuated by significant milestones, including exhibitions such as the one at the Hilton Hotel in Cologne (Köln). These opportunities to showcase my work provided validation and recognition in the art community.

Piedmont, Italy – Commissioned Artworks:

For the past 18 years in Piedmont, Italy, my focus shifted towards commissioned art pieces. Notably, I undertook projects creating large-scale artworks, such as 2m x 3m wall installations, commissioned by well-known companies across Europe. This phase underscored the practical application of my artistic skills in a professional context.

Australia – New Horizons:

In 2019, I made a significant move to Australia, signaling a new chapter in my artistic journey. Presently, my artworks are showcased in the “Straddie Various Art Gallery” in Raby Bay and in “Georgette’s Art Gallery” in Birkdale, contributing to the vibrant art scene in the region. This relocation represents a continuation of my artistic exploration in a new cultural context.


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